Mold Contamination


Mold Contamination

Mold inside the house is not only unappealing and unsanitary, but it may also result in several health issues. Urgent action is important to stop mold contamination from growing and affecting other parts of your home.

Seeking professional help is the best way to cater to mold damage. The experts at Advance Restoration specialize in complete mold decontamination from your home and office in a safe and environment friendly manner.

IICRC certified; our experienced professionals will first inspect the space and then assess how long the total contamination and remediation procedure is going to take.

Our mold cleanup service comprises of the following steps:

Taking Adequate Safety Measures

Before starting, our mold remediation experts will make sure that the health of your family or your workers is not compromised throughout the whole process. Advance Restoration will take care of all necessary safety precautions and measures before and during mold cleanup so that the contamination does not spread in the environment and affect other regions of the home or office. We use some of the best quality materials and equipment to keep health and safety in check throughout the mold cleanup process.

Addressing Excessive Moisture

The main reason of indoor mold is excessive moisture in the surroundings. Ensuring that the area moisture is reduced to the optimum level. Moisture reduction and inspection is therefore a critical step in mold remediation.

Latest Methods to Remove Mold

At Advance Restoration, we employ the use of some of the best materials and latest technology to eliminate the mold. Sometimes, when a particular region has become excessively moldy, one of the best solutions is to eliminate the problem by removing the material on which the mold is growing. Our experts will make sure that the mold is completely removed from the vicinity and will also vacuum mold spores into HEPA filters.